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Middle Management A – Course

For managers who want to invest in the talent and engagement of their team, develop their self-directed and problem-solving abilities

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Icoon agenda Ma 14 oktober 2024
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Opleiding Middle Management A - Course - IMK Opleidingen
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Module: Communication

  • Communication styles and models
  • Conversation techniques and presenting
  • Meeting techniques
  • Reporting

Module: Organization

  • Growth processes
  • Structuring
  • Planning, policy-making, and setting goals
  • Time management

Module: Leadership

  • Motivating and delegating
  • Various leadership styles
  • Situation-oriented leadership and coaching
  • Dealing with emotions, resistance, and conflicts

Module: Personnel Policy

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance and appraisal interviews
  • Absence management discussions

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Understanding Behaviour

For the Middle Management A course, it is important for participants to have insight into their own behaviour and that of others. A crucial tool for this is the digital Q4 DISC behavioural analysis.


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Planning: Middle Management A – Course
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  • Praktijkcoaching € 495.00 € 598.95
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  • STAP-budget - €1000.00
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Additional Information

Incompany training op maat

Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Introduction to the Middle Management A course

A middle manager is the key link between employees and the executive team. Directing employees on the work floor, understanding the needs and demands of both employees and management, and combining this with their own work are challenges. It’s a tough task that requires strong leadership skills. With the practical Middle Management A course, participants learn to accurately translate executive policies to the work floor. As this course has been declared our most popular, it is now also available in English!

Incompany training op maat

Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Are multiple managers ready to take the next step? We also offer this training in-company. The trainer will then come to your company location (or another training location of your choice) at times that suit you.

In an in-company training, the trainer fully tailors the content of the modules to your organization, learning needs, and ambitions. This is discussed beforehand during an orientation meeting. Recognizable situations create more engagement and enjoyment during the learning process.

Is an in-company program interesting for your organization? Find more information on our in-company page or contact us directly.

Middle Management A Course - IMK Opleidingen

What will I develop?

After completing the Middle Management A course, you will:

  • Possess better leadership qualities and be better at handling conflicts and emotions.
  • Have the knowledge and tools to coordinate work processes and provide structure.
  • Be able to effectively develop and implement personnel policies.
  • Understand your strengths and challenges as a manager and know how to develop further in these areas.
  • Have improved communication and meeting techniques.
Presenting means that you can share your own ideas, knowledge or opinion with others in a clear and fun way.
Planning and organization
Planning and organizing means that you can think about how to execute something and what it takes to do it.
People-oriented leadership
People-oriented leadership means that you give direction and guidance to employees in an inspiring way, taking into account their feelings and what they need.
Confronting (giving feedback)
Confronting or giving feedback means that you are able to talk directly to someone about his or her behavior. In this way, you help that person become aware of how his or her behavior affects others.
Self-knowledge means that you know who you are, what you find important, what you are good at and what you are not so good at, what your strengths are and where your interests and ambitions lie. You understand yourself and can make conscious choices, develop yourself further and act effectively based on your own possibilities and needs.
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Who is the Middle Management A course for?

The Middle Management A course is designed specifically for practical-minded people who have advanced into a leadership role. It’s ideal for employees with some experience in leading. As this course is offered entirely in English, it is particularly suitable for leaders within an international work environment or for those who do not speak or barely speak Dutch. For those with little experience, the “Practical Leadership on the Work Floor” training is a perfect begin.

Who is my trainer?

All our courses and training are focused on the practical situations of the participants. Therefore, it is important to us that our trainers have extensive practical experience. Each of them is an inspiring, enthusiastic professional with expert knowledge. Naturally, they are also experienced in conducting training in English. IMK Opleidingen works exclusively with the best-rated trainers in the Netherlands!

Praktijkcoaching | IMK Opleidingen


Wij bieden praktijkcoaching aan, om na een training of opleiding de kennis en vaardigheden nog beter toe te passen in je werk. Terug in het werkveld gaan dingen soms toch anders dan verwacht. Met een coach breng je samen de geleerde lessen in de praktijk. Lees hier meer over praktijkcoaching.

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Reviews van deelnemers
8.7 / 10

Gemiddelde van 3 beoordelingen

8 / 10
08 februari 2024
John OBrien
Middle Management A - Course
The trainer was excellent and very knowledgeable. The exercises where sufficient enough for the course not to be too stressful and to be manageable.
10 / 10
08 februari 2024
Emil Grigorov
Middle Management A - Course
Creat class, bring alot of knowledge. And best part was the practice. No boring theory.
8 / 10
14 april 2022
Carla van den Heuvel
Middle Management A - Course
Fijne, krachtige trainer. Groep heel snel aan elkaar gewaagd ondanks maar 1 lesdag. Inhoud echt verhelderend. Fijn om van vakmensen inhoudelijk te leren. En te...
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Further learning opportunities

After obtaining the Middle Management A diploma, various advanced courses are available:

For personal advice? Our study advisors are happy to help you at +310172 – 42 34 56.

Verbeter je team en ontwikkel jezelf!

Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Frequently asked questions about Middle Management A course

Ask your additional questions to our studyadvisors. Call them on +310172 – 42 34 56.

Is this course also available in other languages?

In our open program, this course is available in Dutch and English. For an incompany course there might be other possibilities. Contact our studyadvisors for more information.

I want this course for my team. How do I proceed?

If you want to train several colleagues at the same time, you can look at an incompany course. If you want more information about the possibilities, our studyadvisors would love to tell you all about it.

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