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Project management course

Enhance your project management skills, for project team members and project leaders, with the focus on insight knowledge and collaboration

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project management course
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Day 1: Planning and Organization

  • Characteristics and prerequisites of project management
  • Responsibilities and role of the project manager
  • Decision-making and phasing in a project
  • Formulating the project outcome
  • How to steer and manage a project? Based on the GOKIT method

Day 2: Communication

  • Effective collaboration and communication within a project team
  • Dealing with and recognizing the various interests within a project
  • Working with authority or power
  • Conducting crucial conversations with stakeholders
  • Personal action plan
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Do you want to exchange ideas about the development of teams or the direction of your organization? And do you want to know what the costs are for this? Feel free to contact one of our study advisors for an exploratory conversation. Call 0172 – 42 34 56 or email to studieadvies@IMKopleidingen.nl

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Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Introduction to the Project Management Course

You are a (novice) project team member or project leader and are closely involved in the execution of various projects. During the two-day Project Management course, you acquire the essential knowledge and skills related to project work. The development of crucial project management skills and collaboration within a project team takes center stage in this training.

Who is the Project Management Course for?

The Project Management course is designed for everyone working in a project-oriented environment. Both novice project leaders and project team members acquire essential basic knowledge in this training. This course is also suitable for experienced project members looking to refresh their knowledge.

Incompany training op maat

Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Is training multiple project members on the agenda? Our in-company training is the solution. The trainer will come to your company location, or another location of your choice, to provide a tailored training for your team.

During an incompany training, we customize the content and teaching materials entirely to your organization, work practices, and learning desires. Additionally, we offer options to add extra elements, such as a guest actor or a guest lecture.

Interesting for your organization? Check out more information on our in-company page or contact us directly.

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What will I develop?

After completing the Project Management course, you will:

  • Understand the structure and phases within projects.
  • Be able to clearly formulate and define the project outcome.
  • Be capable of creating a clear project plan.
  • Effectively manage and monitor the progress of your projects.
  • Communicate effectively with the stakeholders of the project.
  • Be able to provide feedback to the project stakeholders.
Communication skills
Oral expression means that you are good at conveying your ideas and thoughts clearly and understandably.
Planning and organization
Planning and organizing means that you can think about how to execute something and what it takes to do it.
Results-oriented approach
Result-orientation means that you can set clear results and actively steer to achieve and evaluate them.
Progress monitoring
Progress monitoring means that you can think ahead and check the progress of agreements and plans made. You'll make sure everyone stays on track and any issues are resolved on time.
Problem analysis
Problem analysis means that you can recognize problems, find possible causes, gather important information, and conduct research. You can think critically and work step by step to understand a problem and find possible solutions.
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Our Approach

To get a clear understanding of your goals for this course, you will start by formulating some learning objectives. Afterward, you will have a telephone conversation with the trainer to discuss your personal learning questions and what you aim to achieve by taking the project management course.

Throughout the course, the focus will be on improving your skills as a project leader. This will be done through role-playing, practical exercises, and personal feedback on your behaviour and approach. Throughout the entire process, there will be attention to your personal development, and you will receive tips to ensure that what you have learned is retained. We recommend setting aside 2 hours of self-study per week during the entire duration of the course.

Who Is My Trainer?

Our trainers have extensive experience in the professional field. They will teach you the necessary skills through a to-the-point approach, using practical exercises and providing personal feedback.

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Wij bieden praktijkcoaching aan, om na een training of opleiding de kennis en vaardigheden nog beter toe te passen in je werk. Terug in het werkveld gaan dingen soms toch anders dan verwacht. Met een coach breng je samen de geleerde lessen in de praktijk. Lees hier meer over praktijkcoaching.

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Wens je een persoonlijk studieadvies of heb je vragen over de mogelijkheden van maatwerk? Onze studie- en maatwerkadviseurs staan graag voor je klaar om jouw vragen te beantwoorden.

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Frequently asked questions about Project management course

Do you have other questions about this course? Our study advisors are happy to help you via 0172 – 42 34 56.

I am interested in this course for my team. How do I proceed?

When you are interested in the course, you can contact our study advisors through our website or phone (0172 – 42 34 56). They will discuss your wishes. Most of the time this will be followed by an appointment with the trainer or one of our consultants. Together you discuss the content of the course and when and where it will take place. We will write a quotation based on the conversation.

Is this course also available in other languages?

The Project management course is also available in Dutch. If you are interested in different languages, we advise you to contact our study advisors. They can tell you more about the possibilities.

When and where can I join the course?

Currently, the Project management course is only available as an in-house course. This means that you attend the course with a group of colleagues at your company.

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