Introduction to Coaching Leadership

What does coaching leadership mean to you? And what is your idea of good leadership? Is it about ensuring a good task distribution and work atmosphere? Coaching leadership goes beyond that: it focuses on developing and effectively utilizing talents within your team. It is a way to encourage your employees’ self-managing, self-learning, and problem-solving abilities. The course Coaching Leadership has a unique approach. In addition to communication skills, you will also be provided with the structure to use coaching in a results-oriented manner.

Who is the Coaching Leadership Course for?

This training is intended for all leaders who want to develop a coaching style of leadership. Based on a personal development plan, you aim to develop the talents of your employees, thereby enhancing their commitment and involvement.

What will I develop?

After completing the Coaching Leadership course, you will:

  • Have your own vision on coaching leadership.
  • Provide genuine attention to employees by listening to them openly and without judgement.
  • Better understand your own behaviour and that of your employees (DISC).
  • Conduct coaching conversations in a structured manner.
  • Encourage employees by recognizing and acknowledging their positive developments.
  • Align your own behaviour more effectively with what employees need to be able to develop (DISC).
  • Activate employees to take ownership, responsibility, and greater independence.
  • Be capable of giving clear feedback to employees.
  • Identify barriers and motivate employees to take action.
  • Use coaching conversations even more effectively.
  • Create a personal action plan and know how to continue with your development after the course.


You will work on the following competencies:

  • Coaching
  • Listening
  • Sensitive communication
  • Self-management
  • Confronting


Day 1

  • Learning Objectives
  • Vision on coaching leadership
  • Coaching Skills: Attention through Listening, Summarizing, and Asking Follow-Up Questions
  • Coaching skills: Reflecting through asking many questions
  • Understanding your own communication style and recognizing that of others (DISC)
  • Creating a personal plan

Day 2

  • Review: Focus on successes
  • Coaching Skills: Confronting by providing feedback on obstacles
  • Coaching Skills: Taking Action; from talking to action
  • Aligning your own behaviour/communication style more effectively with what employees need to progress (DISC)
  • Taking stock: where are you now as a coaching leader, and where do you want to go from here?
  • Completing the personal plan

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Our Approach

At IMK Opleidingen, learning begins right after registration. We offer you a comprehensive learning concept, with the training at its core. Through our online learning platform, you can get started in advance with a digital preview of the course materials and a preparatory assignment. The training itself is highly interactive. Self-analyses, exercises, discussions, and sharing of experiences make the learning process personal and very practical. During and after the training, you will have contact with your fellow participants through Leren Online. Additionally, for up to six weeks after the training, you can avail yourself of e-coaching with your trainer if you need assistance applying what you’ve learned in your work situation.

Who is My Trainer?

The training is conducted by a practical management trainer who has extensive experience with coaching.

Learning Doesn’t Just Happen in a Classroom

At IMK Opleidingen, an education or training program is not isolated. With the IMK Learning Pathway, your employees get the most out of their training, and the effects remain visible. From the moment they enroll until a year after the last day of the course, they are encouraged and inspired to further develop themselves. Behavioural change takes time to anchor, and the IMK Learning Pathway facilitates that process.